Sanitization Services

Call Algae Army when your public spaces need to be cleaned and sanitized. Our solution is safe for plants and pets, but will kill germs that linger on hard surfaces.

Why Choose Us

Algae Army blasts away dirt and germs from hard surfaces that are in public areas to help safeguard your community against the spread of viruses.  We spray a solution on all areas and then gently rinse it off with our low pressure equipment, leaving no slippery residue behind on equipment or the ground around it.

Golf Carts, Golf Course Equipment & Gym Equipment

  • golf carts
  • sand trap rakes
  • pins
  • range balls and baskets
  • golf bag racks
  • gym equipment

Public Outdoor Areas & Common Areas

  • playgrounds & pavillions
  • stairwells/handrails
  • fences
  • benches and bike racks
  • public rest stops and bus stations

Shopping Centers and Outdoor Malls

  • grocery carts and corrals
  • sidewalks
  • entry ways
  • breezeways
  • outdoor seating areas

Community Pools, Resorts and Outdoor Dining

  • patio furniture
  • lounge chairs
  • outdoor dining areas
  • spa and pool decks and railings