Fence & Deck Cleaning

Florida’s year round hot, humid summer weather encourages mold growth, while the sun fries decking and fencing materials.

Power washing a deck can cause permanent etching of the surface, ruining the look of your investment.

White vinyl fences are very popular, but vinyl fence cleaner seldom works well. Wood is another popular choice. No matter what the material, all fences are the perfect breeding ground for mold and algae and need fence restoration to prevent damage.

Why Choose Us

We only use low pressure soft washing techniques to clean decks and fences.  On wood decks we apply our solution that removes all the mold and algae. Then we rehydrate the wood using our “secret sauce” and gently rinse the solutions off. Fences are sprayed with cleaning solution, rinsed and rehydrated.

Our low-pressure cleaning treatment will have your deck or fence looking like it was just installed by the time we leave.