Exterior Home Cleaning

Mother Nature won’t spare your home’s exterior. Years of dirt and grime build up on the exterior of your home, creating many problems, including depreciation! Remove years’ worth of buildup in just hours without the hassle of doing it yourself! Protect your home, while increasing its look and value for years to come with an exterior home clean from Algae Army!

Algae Army’s low-pressure washing system and proprietary cleaning solution do all of the work when it comes to keeping your house clean!

There are lots of power washing companies in the Sarasota and Tampa Bay area who simply try to blast away the dirt and mold. But Power washing houses can blow out window seals, force water behind the siding that promotes mold growth, etch the siding, or even blow the siding right off of your house.

Instead, we apply our patented solution and low-pressure to clean your home. Our system…

• dehydrates and removes 99% of all mold/algae on the surface.
• leaves a clear coat on your siding keeping the mold/algae and dirt off 2x longer than pressure washing
• eliminates the risk of long-term damage caused by power washing.