Commercial Exterior Cleaning

Tenants and customers are attracted by clean exteriors, parking lots and walkways. Algae Army specializes in cleaning exteriors of mid-rise commercial buildings, strip malls, churches, restaurants and schools and helps property owners protect their investment. We clean building exteriors as well as sidewalks, walkways and parking lots.

Our cleaning systems are ideally suited to surfaces that are commonly found on commercial property.

Our low pressure washing technique is perfect for  brick, concrete, stucco, stone and masonry. We eliminate destructive algae and mold without harming delicate mortar or other building elements.

Many membrane roofs require regular cleaning to maintain their warranties, and light-colored roofs start to lose their energy efficiency as they darken due to algae and pollution. We restore your energy savings without exposing your roof to dangerous pressure.

Concrete sidewalks, driveways, dumpster pads and walkways are very porous and literally soak up dirt and algae. Once dirt and algae have settled into the pores, water alone won’t get it out. We apply our very own cleaning solution to the concrete first. This destroys the algae living in the pores.

Then we use a professional grade surface cleaner that has a rotating brush that evenly cleans concrete stains away, leaving it looking like new.